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Evaluate High School Courses

A full examination of a high school transcript can reveal areas of strength and opportunity when it comes to applying to college.  It is truly the number one way colleges and universities evaluate a student's college application.  Let me share with you just how they are going to "read" it.

Extra-Curricular Activities

How many activities are necessary for your college application? Do you need to do everything or just a few things extremely well? Do you need to be the president or captain of an organization or sport? Do you really need to volunteer? Does having a job help or hurt in the college application process? The answers are that it all depends on the schools to which you are applying.  While some colleges and universities require only a high school diploma or a GED, others require a whole lot more.  I'll share with you the most important things that you can do to create an impressive high school activities list that will have authentic impact and make a difference in how colleges read your application.

Building Your

College List

Trying to figure out which schools to apply to can be overwhelming. Do you go for "top ranked" schools (whatever that means), schools with a reputation, public or private, close to home, those costing a small (or massive) fortune?  All these things are taken into consideration as we work together to create a dynamic college list that has your needs and desires front and center.



College can be painfully expensive. Is it necessary to pay whatever it takes to get into “the best” college or university? It all depends upon how much money you have.  Let’s approach this most important factor with careful preparation and without breaking your bank.  After careful consideration of your financial picture, we'll create a college list with cost in mind and affordability at the heart of that list.

Essay Brainstorming and Editing

This is where the heavy lifting takes place but is also a wonderful way for the student to learn about themself and why they are applying to certain colleges or universities.  Many colleges and universities take this part of your application very seriously and these essays can take a lot of time to get “just right”. In working together I will show you just what the colleges want to hear from you so that they can get to know you better and in a way that will make a memorable impact.

Award Letter


You applied, you've been accepted, the award letter is in your hands. What does it all mean?  Is the school really affordable?  How much are you really paying? Let's take a look at the award letters together and then let's take a super deep look at the Financial Aid Award letter.  Is there a difference? There certainly can be.  I can break it down for you so that you can make a well-informed decision on what is really affordable and reasonable to pay for college.

Standardized Testing Strategizing: ACT / SAT

The ACT and SAT testing landscape has changed so much in the last year.  While many schools no longer require a test score (this is known as “test-optional” or “test-blind”) with your college application, it still might behoove you to prepare for and take a test or two.  Depending upon your needs and the schools to which you will apply, I will help you develop a test-taking plan that is right for you.

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